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Confidentiality of your data

Information which you post on the dating portal and in correspondence with other users shall be available only to you and to those persons with whom you correspond. We shall never disclose your personal information to third parties – never!

Monitoring of users

The dating portal monitors the users of the portal. Where any rules are violated, suspicions aroused that rules have been violated, or users engage in vulgarity or violations of general ethical norms, any other user may report said violations to the administrators of the dating portal with full anonymity guaranteed. Complaints shall be reviewed with the greatest care and sense of responsibility. Where claims of violations prove to be valid, we shall immediately block the relevant user from the portal without any chance to reinstate membership ever after.

Security on the Internet

Meeting people on the Internet is, contrary to myth, no more or less secure than meeting a stranger under any other circumstances. There are, of course, security risks, and that is a purely human factor. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that no user is utilising the dating portal for dishonest purposes. At the same time, however, we do everything possible to reduce or prevent these risks as much as possible.

Should you want to learn more about general security on the Internet, please visit the homepages and .

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